How To Plan, Organise, and Execute Wedding Transport

Planning wedding transport can be a daunting task. It is especially so when you need to transport guests to the reception. Read the extract below for a few wedding guest transport tips. 

Considering Your Passengers

Other than the bride and groom, you need to transport the wedding party. Besides, you may also choose to transport some of the guests from the wedding venue to the reception. Parents and senior adults such as grandparents may also require transport.

Choosing a Suitable Means of Transport

Unlike the groom, the bride and her bridesmaids need to arrive at the venue in style. As such, you may opt to use a limousine or high-end SUVs. The limo could also be used to transport the married couple after the wedding. Alternatively, you could opt for a classic car or horse carriage.

Bus charter would be a convenient way to transport guests to the wedding reception. Choose a high-capacity bus if you intend to transport a lot of guests. To save on costs, you could hire chauffeured saloon cars to transport the couple's grandparents and parents. 

Hire a party bus or limo to transport the wedding party. It ensures that they will have fun as they travel. They could also use the coach or limo to attend the evening party.

Choosing a Transport Company

As a rule of the thumb, always book your transport in advance. Work with a reputable and experienced company. Visit the company's premises and inspect the condition of the vehicles you intend to hire. Ask for the service or inspection records to ascertain their mechanical condition. 

Compare quotes from a few companies to know how much the service should cost. Inquire about extra charges. For instance, you may pay more if the vehicles make a lot of stops. Ask for discounts and a contract detailing when and how you should make payments. Meet with the drivers and brief on what to expect on the day. Ask them to be courteous and patient with the guests.

Route and Entourage Planning

Every wedding must have a transport manager who will do the following:

  • Determine the best route to use to ensure guests are not late to the reception.
  • Determine how vehicles will leave the wedding grounds to the reception.
  • Provide all drivers with the day's itinerary that includes the wedding program, where they will pick guests, and the stops to make.
  • Organise parking at the wedding venue and reception. 

Planning wedding transport is now easy with the above tips. Determine who to transport and choose a suitable method of transportation. Work with a reputable company and appoint a transport manager to plan the route and entourage.