Arranging Your First Heavy-Haulage Move

Heavy haulage is an essential feature of transport in Australia. This is the type of service you need to transport mining equipment, construction vehicles, and other very heavy items and oversize loads. However, heavy haulage does not take everything, and you have to work within a company's limitations for a successful move. This can mean making arrangements with different companies for different loads, depending on where you need them to go.

Weight Limits Still Apply

The trucks used in heavy haulage are built to carry massive loads, but even they have weight limits. These limits should be very big, of course, but if you're moving a lot of items, you may need to arrange for several trucks or even several services to get everything transported safely. For most companies using heavy haulage, this is not an issue, but if you're arranging your first move using heavy haulage, it can be confusing to try to figure out where everything goes. You should get the weights of every item you need to transport; without those, you can't plan. Once you have them, you can arrange them by heaviest, for example, and dole out equipment to different haulage companies that have vehicles that will handle those weights.

You Might Need a Separate Service for Smaller Non-industrial Items

Heavy haulage companies focus on moving industrial equipment and similar items. They do not move furniture; for example, if you need to move an entire office to the new site along with the equipment, the haulage company might not take anything from the office. You'd need to hire removalists for that. This is why you really need to have a long talk with the haulage company to ensure you know what they'll take and what needs to go with different companies. Many of the haulage vehicles are open to the elements, meant for bulldozers and other vehicles; it's hard to secure smaller items to these vehicles.

Some Services May Have Limited Geographical Coverage

Most haulage companies should serve all of Australia. You might come across some that do not, however, and they'll limit where they drive to certain states. It could also be that the company you want to hire will drive all over Australia, but scheduling is tight, and no drivers are available to travel that far at the current time. You'll need to be somewhat flexible with timing in that case, or find another company.

For more information, contact heavy haulage services in your area.