A Bit On The Side: The Advantages Of Choosing Side Loader Transport Services To Deliver Your Shipping Containers

Shipping containers aren't just for ships anymore—these versatile and enormously durable cargo containers have become tremendously popular for many dry land applications and can be used for just about anything from storing your vehicles to building a house. It's no wonder, then, that many businesses are making a killing selling and hiring out these containers to businesses and individuals. Many other companies use them as a secure and convenient container for the goods they deliver.

However, if you operate a shipping container–based business, transporting your containers to where your customers require them can be the most difficult part of the job, especially if they need to go where ships cannot. For this reason, many container businesses retain the services of a dedicated road transport company, and transport companies that use side loader transport trucks are particularly well suited for container transport. Here are just some of the advantages of using side loader transportation to deliver your shipping containers:

Minimal labour costs

Side loader transport trucks are uniquely suitable for container transport and delivery because of their in-built capabilities—their trailers are fitted with integrated cranes and outriggers that allow them to safely load or unload a cargo container in a matter of minutes. This procedure is largely automated and requires very little in the way of human manpower or oversight. Consequently, choosing side loader transportation can dramatically cut down on labour costs that would otherwise go towards paying workers to manually unload your delivered containers.

Quick turnaround

As previously mentioned, the efficient automation of a side loader truck means they can both load and unload containers very swiftly. This makes them an ideal choice if you require containers to be delivered promptly, and reduces downtime experienced due to lengthy loading and unloading procedures.

Easy unloading in tight spaces

Some container delivery companies use trucks equipped with tilt-tray trailers to transport and deliver their containers, and while they are good enough for a number of purposes, they do have some disadvantages. Besides being more difficult to load than side loader trailers, tilt-tray trailers also require significantly more space to safely unload their containers, driving forward while gently depositing the container by tilting the loading bed it rests on.

By contrast, a side loader truck can deposit a container in much more compact locations, as it deposits its container right next to the trailer and does not need to move anywhere during the unloading process. This makes side loader transport particularly valuable if you are delivering containers to smaller locations in urban centres.

Professional expertise

Retaining the services of a professional side loader transportation company also allows you to benefit from all of the company's experience and dedicated equipment and ensures that your containers will be delivered on time via the quickest routes available. This can be be considerably cheaper and easier than maintaining your own transportation fleet, and it means you don't have to go to the (often crippling) expense of purchasing trucks and trailers for your own use.