Making your sporting tour as comfortable as possible

If you are in charge of organising a sporting tour for a team, it's important to make sure that the transportation is as comfortable as possible so that you can arrive at the destination feeling refreshed. Here are some tips to help you plan your next sporting tour. 

Hire a bus to get everyone to the airport

It can be hard to make sure that everyone gets to the airport at the right time to make the flight, and it can put a huge spanner in the works if your sporting stars miss the flight. It can be worth having a minibus hired so that you can pick up anyone who might have trouble getting to the airport such as younger people who are relying on friends or family for lifts to the airport. You can often hire a minibus and drop it off with the hire company at the airport or organise a driver (either from your club or the bus hire company) to help you with the bus run and returning the bus. 

Choose a well-equipped bus if you are travelling by bus

If you are travelling by bus, you should choose a bus that has a good air-conditioning system, as well as comfortable seats. You want to make sure that there are some spare seats so that you players can stretch out and have a nap if they are tired as is often the case after a tour with lots of matches, training and time spent socialising. It can also be useful if you have long trips to have some entertainment options such as USB chargers to allow people to play movies and games on tablets, or screens so that you can show movies to keep people entertained over a long leg. 

Build in rest days into the travel schedule

No matter how well planned your travel schedule is, things can and do go wrong. It can be tempting to make the tour extra short to manage costs. However, by building rest days into the tour everyone is likely to enjoy the tour more and be more refreshed for their matches. It also builds in some extra time so that if people do miss connections you can have the chance for them to catch back up with the group. 

If you are planning a sporting tour, having the right bus hire and a reasonable transport schedule can help to make the trip as comfortable as possible.