Three Creative Ways in Which You Can Use Your Tractor

Over the years, tractors have been used for agricultural application such as plowing, tilling, harrowing, tiling, planting, transportation of farm produce, and other similar tasks. Tractors have secured a place as farm stables due to their countless uses and capabilities in agriculture. However, did you know that your tractor can be useful for other applications other than the daily farm life chores? Here are some three ways you can utilize your tractor in the farm and get the best value out of it.

Improving access roads

Access roads that lead to the farm, pasture, or barn can be rendered impassable during the rainy season. It can be due to flooding or silt deposit. You can use your tractor to improve these access roads by fitting a bucket to the front-end loader and a box blade to the rear. The bucket on the front-end loader moves dirt and soil from side ditches into the middle of the road, while the box blade smoothens on the road. You will be able to clean out the drainage ditches and smoothen your top gravel of the road. Using a tractor for road grading will save you the cost of hiring heavy machinery.

Erecting farm fences

Specialized tractor parts such as a hole drill or mechanical post can be fitted on tractors to help erect fences. If you want to save yourself hours of tiring labor and sore muscles, you should consider equipping your tractor for fencing applications. Hole-drills can be fitted to the front bucket to allow greater pressure and quicker digging. All you have to do is operate the tractor manually from the tractor seat. Once the holes have been made, you can fit post drivers to the front or rear of the tractor to push the fencing poles into the ground.

Building firebreaks

Firebreaks halt or minimize the spread of wildfires to property. They can also be used to limit fires only to lands where prescribed fire is used as a management tool. Tractors can be used for building firebreaks, especially where tree and stump removal is necessary. They also help in clearing litter and debris. The tractor's tank that's usually used to transport pesticides and herbicides can be useful in controlling fires that threaten boundaries.

Maintenance tips

It is essential to undertake maintenance tips after using your tractor for continued efficiency in operations. Periodically examine the front of the tractor for any debris that could inhibit proper airflow. Also, grease all recommended tractor parts at regular intervals, keep the fluids full, and service all blades and working parts. You should also replace any worn belts or movable parts.

Making use of your tractor for these applications will substantially reduce costs in your farm and improve efficiency in operations.