Why It May Be Better to Use a Crane at Night

You may be having a job that requires the use of a crane (such as hoisting materials up on your site). You may also be debating whether you should hire a crane for nighttime work, or you should hire it during the day. This article discusses why it may be better for you to opt for nighttime crane hire.

Fewer Safety Concerns

Crane operators must be wary of other people and machines operating at a site. This concern can slow down the crane operator as he or she attempts to avoid hitting people passing underneath the boom of the mobile crane. Worksites that are open at night present fewer safety concerns for mobile crane operators because nearly all other work will have halted. This means that the operator can work much faster at night than he or she can during the day. You therefore stand to have more work done at night.

Ease of Getting to the Site

Another big advantage of choosing to use the mobile crane at night is the ease of gaining access to the site. It will take a shorter time for the operator to drive the mobile crane from the crane hire premises to your construction site if it is nighttime. Thus, you will not have to wait for long as the crane negotiates through the heavy traffic during the day. This can result in incurring fewer billable hours to use the crane, in case the rental company starts billing clients once the crane leaves their yard.

You May Be Charged a Lower Rate

A lot of construction work is done during the day in order to take advantage of the abundant natural light available. This raises the demand for mobile cranes during the day. The result of that high demand is that rental rates may be higher for those who wish to use mobile cranes during the day. Nighttime rates may be lower due to lower demand for the mobile cranes. Thus, it may make financial sense for you to rent the mobile crane at night in case the rate you pay will be lower than if you had rented the same crane during the day.

You need not worry about the added cost of lighting the worksite at night. Many cranes are now equipped with advanced lighting systems that reduce the cost that site owners incur to provide adequate lighting at night. Contact crane hire companies near you and find out what offers you can take advantage of in case you rent equipment for nighttime use.