3 Tips for Shipping a Car Purchased Online

Sometimes the best deals on automobiles can be found from independent sellers online. You can find affordable prices on newer vehicles or get access to specialty cars that are not readily available from most dealers. No matter what type of vehicle you purchase online, you will most likely have to ship it to your residence. If you do not want to make the road trip to personally pick up your automobile, it must be delivered by a transport company, such as Jayde Transport, that specialises in freight transport. Before you have your vehicle shipped across the country, there are some tips that will make the process more manageable.

Work With Transport Brokers

If you are looking to have a vehicle shipped to your home, you will have to work in tandem with a transport broker. Most auto shippers do not have a shipment load depart until all car carriers are full. This means that there are empty slots on most transport trucks that need to be filled. You have the ability to contact a car shipper or work in tandem with transport brokers. Car shippers rely on transport brokers to fill the empty slots on their car carriers. This means that a broker can often work on your behalf to negotiate the best deal possible for the cost of shipping your vehicle. Bypassing the car shipping company and working with a broker can often help you get the lowest shipping costs possible.

Check Details

It is essential that all individuals having a vehicle shipped pay attention to the small details. You need to make sure that you are proactive in calling and checking on the shipment of your car to see where it is at all times. It takes an extended period of time for most cars to be delivered, which means that it is in many hubs and locations during the meantime. With some transport companies, aatellite tracking is used to monitor the location of shipped vehicles, and you need to make sure that you stay updated on the location of the vehicle that you are having shipped. 

Checklist Completed Before Departure

It is always best to only choose a transport company that will use a detailed checklist to evaluate the condition of a vehicle before it is loaded for shipment. This will ensure that any damages done to the vehicle between pickup and delivery are covered by the transport company and not left to you. It is possible to make car transport companies liable for a portion of the damages if a checklist is completed on the vehicle before it is shipped.